Premium and Limited Edition Handcrafted Ceramics direct from Artists to You

You will adore this cute little owl tea light candle holder as it flickers in the night. Place it anywhere and it will be a joy to watch as the eyes sparkle with a soft orange glow. Have some friends over, light the scented candle that comes free with this tealight holder and chatter the night away.
What better way to spend the morning or unwinding after a long day with a nice hot cup of tea? You can heighten the pleasure with this delicious porcelain teapot set with gorgeous details and vibrant colors. Includes a tea infuser and 4 tea cups. Bring your friends over and enjoy some tea.
Love flowers and adding color to your room? Instead of using a boring glass vase, why not try our handmade bud vases? They come in limited quantities and will brighten up a room with a single flower. Beautifully designed and painted to let your flower shine.
Soulful Ceramics @ Copyright 2014